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THE SEG-sexi Golf Bag Carrier
for GEN1, GEN2, and SE Segway Models

The SEG-sexi Golf allows any model (excludes p133 and Ninebot) Segway PT owner/golfer to use his or her Segway PT on the golf course. Your Segway can be fully converted to carry a golf bag in minutes, and costs considerably less than any other way to play golf using a Segway.

The golf bag carrier secures the golf bag to the side of the Segway PT i2 or x2 and is configured to sit on the right-hand side of the rider. Adjustable straps secure the bag to the carrier and can accommodate most golf bags. The carrier functions as a stand for the unit when it's time to play, allowing access to the clubs.

The one-person design of the i2 or x2 Golf allows you to travel directly to your ball. It cuts down on time wasted waiting for others. Plus there will be no more walking back to the cart to switch out a club - all your clubs go right along with you for your shot. You’ll also be able to maneuver places where golf carts can’t go.

Independent studies have confirmed that when used with the Segway PT Turf Tires, the Segway PT is significantly friendlier to the turf than a golf cart. Its lighter, has a smaller contact patch with the ground below, and uses advanced traction control algorithms so that any impact is no worse than a set of footprints.

Installation of the carrier requires NO permanent alterations to your machine, with all the tools needed for conversion provided.

MSRP is $459.00 plus $40.00 shipping anywhere within the 48 US states via FedEx Ground.
NOTE: These aftermarket accessory products are not manufactured, endorsed, or authorized by Segway Inc. for use on the Segway PT. Sales of such aftermarket products are between Dealer and purchaser and are not authorized by Segway Inc.” to the pages where those products are sold.
To order your SEG-ix Golf Carrier please contact us by email or by phone at 541-740-3021.

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